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Technical Writing

On a day-to-day basis, I use my technical writing skills to communicate and receive feedback on project plans and results, summarize the findings of analyses, document data by providing the details and definitions to make sure it is used appropriately, and asynchronously collaborate with colleagues. I also write scientific and general audience articles to share insights with broader communities.

Scientific Articles

As the author of 15 scientific publications, I have experience summarizing relevant background research, communicating complex statistical methods, keying in on important results and implications for decision making, and addressing comments from collaborators and peer reviewers. You can see a list of my scientific publications on Google Scholar, and a few examples below.

Supporting Informed Seafood Choices

As a Knauss Marine Policy Fellow with NOAA Fisheries, I contributed to FishWatch, a website that aims to support informed seafood choices about U.S. caught species. I researched and wrote 16 web articles to communicate complex science and policy information to a general audience through the FishWatch website.