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Skills & Interests

Compassionate Organizations

I care deeply about being part of a team that values diversity in all forms, empowers everyone to be a leader, holds compassionate spaces that allow everyone to do their best work, and works to improve social and environmental well being.

Regenerative Systems & Economies

I dream of being part of a world where all people have access to the support and resources they need to thrive so I aim to spend my time and money in ways that will help my communities move towards greater equity.

Data Infrastructure & Pipelines

I create data infrastructure and pipelines to readily provide access to informative, accurate data.

Data Analysis

I have experience with a wide range of statistical analysis techniques to provide insights from data.

Data Visualization

I create dynamic dashboards for regular decisions making and curated graphics designed to tell a story.

Technical Writing

I have authored 15 scientific publications and 16 general audience articles, and use these technical writing skills in day-to-day communication.

Project Management

I served as the project manager for up to 4 projects at a time with budgets of up to $100K each annually, planning out projects to meet requirements within time and budget constraints and coordinating client and team communications.

Ecosystem Restoration

Since 2016 I have been stewarding a native habitat restoration site on the banks of the Duwamish River in Seattle.

Animal Welfare

I volunteer with organizations caring for animals in need and helping them find loving homes.

Glass Art

I enjoy making mosaic, hand-blown, and fused glass art pieces that highlight the natural beauty of glass and of everyday objects.


Iā€™m excited when I can use photography to capture beautiful moments in the natural world.