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I am a data engineer, analyst, and project manager passionate about working as part of a compassionate team to create a regenerative, equitable future for all.

I care deeply about being part of a team that values diversity in all forms, empowers everyone to be a leader, holds compassionate spaces that allow everyone to do their best work, and works to improve social and environmental well being.

I have an expertise in using data to support informed decision making. Using tools including SQL, Python, R, and AWS, I develop and manage data pipelines, analyze data to find key results, and build visual data dashboards that enable others to make decisions on an ongoing basis.

In my work at Remitly, I was excited to contribute to providing important financial services to our immigrant customers. As an Analytics Engineer and Data Analyst there, I analyzed the impacts of new app features, built dashboards to illuminative how we can improve customer service, and developed data pipelines that provide marketers all the data they need in one place to quickly make decisions. In my previous work in fisheries science and management, I analyzed ecological and economic data to better understand how people and nature can thrive together.

Explore this website and my LinkedIn page to learn more about my skills and interests. You can see a list of my scientific publications on Google Scholar.

See anything that sparks your interest? I’d love to connect! I’m always excited for opportunities for open-minded conversation and I would love to find more opportunities to collaborate and partner with others interested in these areas I’m passionate about.

“The more clearly we can focus our attention on the wonders and realities of the universe about us, the less taste we will have for destruction.”

Rachel Carson

“It’s not about charity, it’s about justice.”