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Values Aligned Personal Investing

I have been inspired by visions and examples of regenerative economies that can support all life forms, rather than the resource accumulation by a select few with massive inequalities and ecosystem degradation that is so prevalent today. This inspiration has come from books including Doughnut Economics, Decolonizing Wealth, The Soul of Money, and Wealth Supremacy,… Read More »Values Aligned Personal Investing

My Adventures in Southeast Asia

I spent 5 weeks traveling in Vietnam, Thailand, and Singapore in January to February of 2024. My only previous experience in Southeast Asia was a trip to the Philippines about a year earlier, which sparked my interest to spend more time experiencing the nature, culture, and food of this region. I had a broad range… Read More »My Adventures in Southeast Asia

Welcome to my new website!

I’m excited to say a new version of my website recently went live. I’m hoping it is able to better capture my range of interests and skills and help me connect with others who share common interests, want to learn more about these areas, or may be able to benefit from collaboration.