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[test] Methane Emissions From Waste

Methane’s Impact

Methane’s impact on the climate is immediate and severe. Its 20-year global warming potential is about 80 times greater than CO2. After 20 years, methane converts to C02 and water vapor, contributing to long-term warming as well. The U.S. Is responsible for 10% of global methane emissions, so reducing our emissions can have a significant impact on global warming due to methane.

Methane Emissions From Waste

Waste contributes 11% of U.S. methane emissions. This is equivalent to the 20-year global warning potential of X cars driven for a year.

Environmental Justice

79% of waste incinerators are located in environmental justice communities. 54 percent of landfills reporting to the Greenhouse Gas Reporting Program are surrounded by communities (within a 1-mile radius) that have a higher percent of residents who are people of color or considered low-income residents than the national average

<map of environmental justice communities and incinerators across U.S.>

Landfill Methane Emissions by State

In X states MSW Landfills account for the majority of large industrial methane emissions. In 37 states, a municipal solid waste landfill is the number one largest industrial emitter of methane.

<map of US with pie chart on each state for Share of Large Industrial Methane Emissions from MSW Landfills>

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